Catching Up on Bad News

So I did some work today trying to spread the word about the Kickstarter comics thing on LinkedIn & Craigslist.  I’ve never really tried to use either of those communities for anything before.  While doing it on LinkedIn I found some music supervisors to contact & while using Craigslist I found a place that might work out for selling my puzzle boxes.  So we’ll see if it works out.

I made a little ad campaign for the Kickstarter on Facebook for the next few days.  I have it done to spend up to $10 (going pay per click) over the next couple of days, so one or two backers would make it pay for itself.  Curious to see if it will get any clicks or not.

I got an email from Martin Bowes (Attrition) today saying he’s trying to do more mixing, remixing, & mastering at his studio The Cage if any of you might be in need of his services.  In related Attrition news there should be a new album & possibly a north american tour by the end of 2012.

Trying to get caught up on the promo stuff for the new releases with having been out of town for a couple days.

I don’t know how many of you were friends with Lee Jackson (he wrote for Foxy Digitalis & The Broken Face), but he died last week.  He was just 38, so it messes with me a bit.  Especially given my event over the weekend.

The band that I’ve been jamming with (The Pointless Forest) got kicked out of the practice space over the weekend.  We’ll see what happens as far as finding a new place to practice or if things just dissolve or what.

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