Buttons, Beaches, & Dreams

So I’m doing a Kickstarter project again.  This time out I am doing a series of buttons by some of my artist friends.  If it’s successful, I’ll do another series in the near future.  This time out the artists are Kimberlee Traub, Arabella Proffer, Joe Badon, Nick Marino, & Brian John Mitchell.  Spread the word about them if you can & if you dig them feel free to buy some.  I have no idea of the interest level on something like this, but I wanted to try it out as a way to help my friends spread the word about their work & get them some money instead of being to self-centered about things.  We’ll see what happens.  In other button news, I’m doing a workshop in Durham this Saturday (basically just making buttons & magnets that people bring in images for) & then next Thursday I’m appearing in Greensboro with my comics & buttons for an art fair.  Once again, we’ll see what happens.

So I went down to Myrtle Beach this weekend to sing for an Electric Bird Noise live show.  It was at an art gallery & the owner totally freaked out when the smoke machine filled the tiny room with smoke & after the show went around touching the paintings saying he hoped they weren’t damaged.  Newsflash… smoke machines use shit designed to not damage things & they get used in art galleries that have performance art pieces all the time.  It was kind of hilarious to me how pissed off the guy was & how all thirty people around told him there was nothing to worry about & that did essentially nothing to calm him down.

Last Night’s Dreams:
I go to the car dealership where Jamie Barnes works as a mechanic.  I ask him how I can tell if my car has too much oil in it & he tells me it should be noticed if I’m taking my car in for it’s scheduled weekly maintenance.  Weekly?  What a scam!  How can I afford that?

I’m at a bar & I smuggled in my own mead & poured it in a Miller Light pint glass, but it’s over room temperature from carrying it in my pocket & therefore tastes pretty bad.

The Cylons (1970s version) have invaded the earth & taken over the planet.  I’m a revolutionary killing the raiders with a rifle I stole from them in the first place, collecting more & more rifles as I keep downing more of them.  I go into a safe house allegedly full of revolutionaries, dragging in behind me a cache of rifles & half of a dead Cylon.  The other revolutionaries tell me what I’m doing is wrong.  That the alien robots are no worse masters than the human ones we’ve given ourselves for centuries — in fact, they may be better.  I kick the head off the Cylon & see that instead of being filled with electronics, it’s just empty.  I’m going to fight them alone until they kill me.

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  1. Peter says:

    I dreamed that I went to see U2 and it was boring.