Burning Fingers

So probably the most important thing I did today is burn three fingers on my left hand making sweet potato fries.  Luckily I only need to use one finger for half the songs in the Remora catalog.  Maybe they’ll be better by tomorrow for the show anyway.

Worked some more on mastering & stereofying the Sarah June album.  It’s funny because I’m giving it a lot more attention than I ever do my own work.

I don’t know why, but I’m feeling good lately about the future of Silber.  We’ll see what happens.

I just watched Breaking Bad & I really wish this was the last season, it’s starting to feel like something’s not quite right with the standard comic book convention of, “Let’s introduce a character so we can kill them off.”  Also knowing that there will be a whole other season makes it seem more formulaic & just makes me lose interest a bit.  What’s good about the story is that we all know that it can only end with Walter dying, but him lasting with his lifestyle for several years is unrealistic.  But I was kinda happy to see Jesse’s girlfriend die because she kinda annoyed me & seemed unrealistic anyway.

In other TV news, what is up with the last thirty seconds of the Terminator TV show where someone off screen just says, “I love you?”


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