Another Productive Day

Going to try to rework the kids song to be a little less dark.  We’ll see if it works out.

Did the final drafts for Just a Man #2 & Worms #4 & sent them to the artists for drawing.

Contacted a few distros today about trying to expand the empire.  Of course at this point it is generally going back to people who have not wanted to work with me in the past for unknown reasons (e.g. Forced Exposure, Revolver, & ADA), but maybe something will happen.

Still working on expanding the promo list for the upcoming releases.  Speaking of which, helping me on updating the promo list is our brand new intern Ben Collins.

Doing some work on the new QRD.  About ten interviews in so far with a few more promised.  Hoping put it live on Monday or Tuesday of next week.

So I’ve been thinking about trying to start doing a free internet comp thing in association with each issue of QRD & trying to make QRD come out every month.  What do you guys think?

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