An interview & other bits

So the interview I did yesterday is already up here.

I had a dream last night where I was playing a house show & there were teenage girls drinking Bud Light & flirting with me.  Basically a nightmare.

Finally typed in some of the questions for the upcoming QRD.  So maybe I’ll get things done on that soon.  If you have suggestions for question for slicnaton, northern valentine, or Hotel Hotel let me know.

Drew a few panels for the new Lost Kisses, if I get 160 more panels done by last week I’ll be on track.

Booked my display table for SPACE.  We’ll see what happens.

So for those of you curious about how effective ads are, I looked at my stats & the only site that generated over 25 referrals to my site that I bought an ad on was The Silent Ballet.  Maybe it’s that my ads don’t look good enough if you want to blame it on me.

Been watching Elvis stuff today.

I assume everyone already heard that Ron Ashton died.

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