Alan Sparhawk, Vlor, xo, Twelve, QRD, Lycia, Goddakk

Lunar Hypnosis have become big fans of ours lately.  Check out these interviews with Goddakk & Lycia.

The newest issue of QRD is up & includes interviews with Chris Olley (six by seven/twelve), Arnold Pander (Pander Brothers), Josh Howard (Dead@17), & Jamie Barnes as well as several articles & the return of i heart fx & job reviews.

There’s a new album by Chris Olley’s project Twelve.  You can order it on our catalog page.  It’s a combination of krautrock, minimalism, & Kraftwerkian beats.

Our new comic xo is now up online.  It’s the first installment about a sociopath trying to find his heart.  We’re hoping to keep it nearly monthly installments.

Rollerball has a new album that should be out soon on Wallace Records.

Remora has been working on an acapella EP that will come out this fall on North Pole Records.

Vlor‘s A Fire Is Meant For Burning & Alan Sparhawk‘s Solo Guitar are being shipped in from manufacturing & we’re taking orders now.  The art for Alan Sparhawk’s disc is handmade by Shane DeLeon of StarbageHands.

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