A Productive Day

Got some more work done on Sarah June’s record.  I have some real hopes for it to be Silber’s magic bullet.  I mean, I’ve never released something with commercial appeal where the artist was willing/able to tour.

Hotel Hotel had their show in Montreal canceled today & I did some scrambling to try to get a house show, but two days notice in another country makes things seem unlikely.  Still there are two leads, so I feel like I’m doing my part as a label at that point.

Got the Remora & Small Life Form tracks in for the 919noise comp.  Just need to get some stuff ready for another comp now.

Finally put up the Remora’s Derivative album for sale at silbermedia.  I’m having some issues getting it set up for digital distribution.  I was told the barcode was invalid, so I paid $20 for a new one & they won’t let me change the barcode number because it doesn’t match the one on the disc.   Yummy headaches.

Got a message from Moodring that they are currently doing the assembly of the disc.  I guess I need to get on the ball about creating a webpage for them on my site.

Sent out some copies of Just a Man (my western comic) to Andrew White (the artist) to see if anything needs to be altered because of how much the images are shrunk down.  I’m pretty happy with it.

Got a little distro order to send out today.  Always nice when there’s some money coming in since that seems a little more rare lately than it used to be.  I also found a couple new distributor leads.  We’ll see what happens.

Talked to Brian McKenzie (Electric Bird Noise) about trying to work in the Remora versus Electric Bird Noise recording session into our schedule.  We’ll see what happens as we’ve been talking about it on a regular basis for about two years now.

On the Vlor front, Michael from MWVM wanted to re-work his track a bit as far as EQ-ing.  I got that back & will need to do some re-working on my end to make sure it still fits volume wise with the rest of the album.

I got a German order from February returned to me in the mail today.  The package was unopened, but it had some paperwork attached to it that included a copy of the Paypal receipt for the order & some German I could not read (meaning it said something other than scheitzeschluass (sp?)).  Perhaps the mystery will be solved by contacting the customer….

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