a little more done

I got a little more work done today on Lost Kisses #8.  Enough that I think I’ll fill out the application for my grant money in the next day or so.

Finished the first draft for Worms #3.  I know that it’s the least popular of the three comics I’m currently working on regularly, but it has a special soft spot for me.  Probably because it’s the only one where I’m not the main character & it makes it more of an escape from reality to work on.

Got an email about some of the Panthan music being used in a film.  Hopefully the ball will start to slowly roll on that & we’ll get some more money/jobs doing it.

Talked to Nic Slaton about doing a studio recording for the small life form versus slicnaton stuff.  The live recording was good, but you can sometimes hear chairs moving & whatnot just a little too often for me to want it to be used as any kind of real release.

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