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So it’s been about eight weeks since the promos for Hotel Hotel & Northern Valentine went out.  So the follow ups that went out today are going to essentially be the second to last set.  I’m really not sure that all of the extra time & energy I spent on these releases made any significant difference.  Also the ads I recently placed have had the anticipated effect of just serving as me offering some financial support to folks I like rather than generating extra sales.  That’s how the world works sometimes I suppose.

For some reason Winterizing doesn’t seem to be getting the downloads anticipated.  In fact the previous Christmas comps got more downloads last week.  So that is interesting & somewhat distressing.  The other recent free downloads are sitting around only about 70 downloads.  So yeah, here’s the info again…
Remora: ensoulment
MP3 Album 2008 | Ping Things
1 tracks, 70 minutes
free download from Ping Things
A 70 minute aggressive ambient guitar excursion from Remora.

slicnaton/remora/northern valentine - clear field
slicnaton / remora / northern valentine
clear field
MP3 Album 2008 | Silber 072
3 tracks, 44 minutes
free download from Archive.org
The clear field recordings are a unique combination of elements of all three projects.  You hear the loops & aggression of Remora’s guitar work, Northern Valentine’s ambient shimmering glacial guitars, & slicnaton’s orchestrated glitch & deep bass tones. While hearing all three individual musicians, it still is clearly a collaboration of the three rather than one of the projects with two special guests; it is a unique sound of its own.
: Press release

small life form: alive
small life form
MP3 EP 2008 | Silber 071
3 tracks, 21 minutes
free download from Archive.org
2007 marked Small Life Form’s live debut & over the next year the style refined, abandoning real horns for a piece of copper pipe, replacing organs with melodica, & vocals with feedback manipulation. Alive is collected from two live recordings in 2008.  They are massive structures built from scratch using a loop pedal, distortion pedals, & reverb units.
: Press release

Northern Valentine: stars whisper
northern valentine
stars whisper
MP3 EP 2008 | Silber 070
3 tracks, 21 minutes
free download from Archive.org
Stars Whisper is a collection of three live songs from Northern Valentine, recorded in their hometown of Philadelphia with a line-up of Robert Brown, Amy Brown, Jeffrey Bumiller, & Marc Carazo. The individual tracks were recorded at The Fire & The Rotunda (as part of “Gate”, an experimental music series).
: Press release

Various Artists
MP3 compilation 2008 | Silber 069
26 tracks, 118 minutes
free download page
The 2008 installment of our Christmas compilation series.  Strangely enough there seem to be somewhere around zero covers of traditional Christmas tunes this time out.
Complete artist roster:
Varde, Hotel Hotel, Clang Quartet, Andrew Weathers, Charles De Mar, Electric Bird Noise, Glissade, Sailor Winters, Miss Massive Snowflake, Goddakk, Gorgons, Small Life Form, Lauri des Marais, Ligo, Moodring, slicnaton, Remora, Moral Crayfish, The Carnage Visors, South West Airline, Northern Valentine, Spotlight Kid, The Left Channel, Recorded Home, The Child of A Creek, Subscape Annex
: Press release
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