5 in 5 from Bryce Eiman & some other things.

I’ve been a little quiet lately while working in secret.  Hope you all are doing well

So this week looks like it’s going to be a big week with a bunch of things going on.  I got the audio mastering & MP3 conversion done for seven releases for the five minute EP series, the artwork done for six of them, & then the press releases & webpages done for two of them (see below).  I’m hoping to get more of them ready to go each day & maybe even record a Small Life Form one this week.  I also got in an interview from Alan Sparhawk (Low) that will be in the QRD catch-all issue whenever I have time to make that happen.

Here’s a short interview I did about drone music with local art zine Au Courant.  I was in a pretty negative space when I did the interview, but I think I came across okay.

Bryce Eiman - Perfect Fifths Bryce Eiman – Perfect Fifths
MP3 EP 2012 | Silber 139
5 tracks, 5 minutes
$1 download

Bryce Eiman is the heart & soul of the 919 Noise scene.  On Perfect Fifths he weaves a tale of debauchery & destruction leading to calm & peace in 5 minutes of noise & dubbed out death disco.

: Press Release
: Digital Booklet
: Reviews

Track Listing:
3ws04 (69BPM)
Ophir (56BPM)
Madness of the Middle Child (64BPM)
Isotrope 05 (78BPM)
Caresse (96BPM)

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