2016/2017 A Look Back & Forward with Silber


Happy 2017. I hope all is going well for you. While I didn’t get as much completed in 2016 as I’d hoped to, looking back I did get some things done & hey, that just gives me more to look forward to for 2017! Here’s a look back & forward at this year here at Silber….

Last year we ended up helping make 8 albums & 15 EPs available from Electric Bird Noise, Yellow6, Small Life Form, X-Bax, Heaven Falls Hard, Space Sweeper, Treyverb, Thorn1, Azalia Snail, Anda Volley, Chvad SB, M is We, Bronze Eye & LD, Dyr Faser, Cloaca, Koyl, Premature Burial, Luka Fisher, Magnetic Ghost, Remora, & Nonconnah. It’s a lot looking back & I’m surprised that’s all from the same year. I feel bad because I still have more that I’m the slow down on them coming out from Fullness Off Lack, Jon Dawson, Andrew Weathers/Shaun Sandor, Moodring, Hotel Hotel, Lum, Ms., & DR plus two compilations & all of that should be coming out early in the year this year. In addition to that there are new releases almost ready to go from Thorn1/ Mis We (a split single), Space Sweeper, Dan West, Moon Gravity, DR, & Small Life Form; plus studio stuff in the works from Remora & Azalia Snail & I’m sure some other stuff will turn up, so it’s promising to be a big year. If you missed some of the releases from this year you can download them all in one swoop for $30 on the front page at www.silbermedia.com or listen to them streaming on Spotify https://play.spotify.com/user/silberspy/playlist/7hFtrbrr0PEAJTzAoC6Yda

On the comic front I wrote a couple dozen scripts & I got I think 4 comics that just need layout done, but I somehow didn’t actually put out anything except the experimental comic/storybook hybrid I did with Bride of Silber called Faun & a short I did with Nate McDonough that appeared in Copy This. Hopefully I’ll get back on track & put twelve out this year. I’ve been talking about doing a little book that will be 100 dream vignettes (I’ve still been keeping a dream diary like used to appear in the blog, just not typing it anywhere) with a sketch done for each one in the near future as well as a slightly larger than my normal minis that will be a collection of vignettes about small town life. So things are going to happen for sure, I just need to be patient & realize my scarcity of time.

I thought I’d put out zero issues of QRD last year, but saw I’d put out two a mere six months ago. Time’s a limited resource for me these days, but QRD will be back. Hopefully sooner than later. My personal goal is to complete a lot of the other projects on my plate before committing to work on another set of interviews.

I’ve started to try to get the blog happening more regularly again. Not the tedious day to day stuff as much as reviews of whatever I feel like. Trying to get my writing chops back up to snuff to make working on other things easier & less daunting. I probably did about 15 posts last year & this year I’m already up to 3. We’ll see how long it lasts.

I do think this will finally be the year I launch my long threatened podcast. At one point I had a name for it, but I forgot it now. I wanted to do something that kinda used a phrase I often use like Joe Kendrick did with “What It Is” & Jared Catherine did with “Figure It Out”. My basic idea is the same format a lot of the podcasts I like do where it is a half guided conversation & my idea is each week I’ll talk to a different one of my artistic friends about what they are currently working on. Like I said, we’ll see if I can get to it before the end of the year. But I’m open to name suggestions.

Thanks as always for your interest & support. It’s always good to know some people still care about the work we’re doing.

Brian John Mitchell

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