Silber Cyber Monday Residual Effects & Life & M is We

Okay, so since the Cyber Monday thing had been what I would generally consider a failure, I didn’t bother to change the price points on the releases as yet (other more imminent things to do, see below) & over the course of the week there was a slow trickle of more likes & shares & the plays were up slightly, but somehow it looks it went from under 100 downloads to over 1100 downloads (could this be a glitch in Bandcamp?).  Also a half dozen people putting money in the tip jar for the releases.  I’ll call that a win.

The new M is We record came out & you can get it now on Bandcamp or listen on Spotify.  Getting it up on Silber has been hung up because of the below.

So this week there was a sudden weak spot in my kitchen floor.  A couple years ago I put in vinyl tile which is generally only recommended on cement because it will crack if there’s a mild weak spot.  So anyway I’ll pull up the piece of tile & the wood underneath is weak enough i can post my finger through, so I know I’m not going to get away with just putting a little floor leveler on it.  I pull up some of the floor & I hear running water in the crawlspace I make a big enough hole that I can stick me head down in it & I can see water spouting from a pinhole leak in a pipe.  I have a subcode crawlspace & my house has had additions put on twice (it’s a 1950s sprawling ranch) so wriggling through & finding my way to the pipe is a pain in the ass, but I do it & it’s a bigger job than I feel comfortable doing myself & I call the plumbing place that supposedly has a guy skinny enough to do the job, but he’s booked several days out.  So I go to the store & get the putty that’s supposed to be able to stop leaks like this for a few days, but it doesn’t bond to the pipe properly so the leak is still going though not at the rate it was.  The whole situation is freaking me out.  I have to cut the water on & off at the main.  Put in a couple garden hoses that I hook up with a shopvac to sump the water out.  But an unexpected hit to the wallet & it’s stressing me out way more than something this far beyond my control should.

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