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I’m still trying to get all my software installed on this new machine.  Waiting to hear back from Sonic Foundry about if I can get my software put on this machine (I feel like putting it on a fourth machine in nine years is on the cusp of not being reasonable & to be honest I can live with it only being on my music computer, it’s just convenient to be able to have it on my laptop if I need it) & then getting a friend to help me with a few things that I had on the old machine & couldn’t find my installation discs for & then hopefully I’ll be up & away.  I’ve actually been thinking a little bit about abandoning the Microsoft Office Suite for Open Office.  But I guess it’s easier to stick with my 8 year old versions that I know how to use.  I did upgrade from Netscape Composer to Seamonkey Kompozer (or whatever it’s called) & I suppose in a week or so I’ll figure out if that’s going to work or if I need to try to track down Composer for my HTML WYSIWYG.  The reason to try the upgrade is after editing files I needed to adjust the code by hand every time to accept some of the slightly fancier code I have in the site.  I am hoping Kompozer (theoretically the continuation of Composer) doesn’t add a ton of extraneous code in the way things like Dreamweaver do.

There’s a new free digital compilation out from I Heart Noise called Theory of Everything that includes a track from Thorn1.

I got in my copy of Coupling from Silent Media Projects & it looks pretty stellar.  I was talking to Ben Collins (former Silber intern gone Silent Media label owner) about how great it looks & he was saying it ended up costing a lot more than he thought & he essentially needs to sell them all at full retail to break even.  So if you have $14 extra dollars you should buy a copy.  Also he did a series of interviews with a bunch of the people involved with the comp about how they came up with their contributions & their relationships with Stan Brakhage; here are the ones from Brian McKenzie (Electric Bird Noise), Brian John Mitchell (Small Life Form), & Ben Link Collins (Silent Media).

Did a little research on some flash music things that I’m going to add to the games section of the Silber site soon.  I don’t know if anyone but me will waste their time fooling around with them.  But I like the idea of one day having an office job & making beats on a drum machine all day long.

Last Night’s Dream:
I’m watching an interview with James Hetfield (Metallica) & he’s wearing the same dress shirt that I am (one with wavy lines in black & gray).

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  1. GoddakkAttack says:

    i was at james’s place and was watching the same thing.

    also when i was watchin less than zero i realize i was wearing the same shirt as the main character (not downey jr) and this was earlier this year and that was wayback machine

  2. Wait, there really was an interview with Hetfield where he was wearing my shirt?