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So I added a bunch of games & such to the Silber site for you to waste your time on – Motorbike Racing & Stupid Space Age on the game side & then on the fooling around with music there’s a drum machine, a drum kit, & keyboard chords.  If you want to get funky, put all the audio stuff in different tabs & use them all at the same time.

So I realized the ten year anniversary of September 11 is coming up & it’s been making me remember it a bit.  So I wrote a script for a mini-comic about my experience that morning.  Maybe I’ll even draw it this week.

I talked to Kirk Adam & he wants to do a mini-doc about me making mead.  Should be fun.  We’ll see how it ends up.

I did get mixed a couple tracks for a comp by Small Life Form & Remora.  Gotta master them a little & send them to the label tomorrow.

I heard this hip-hop song on the radio today & I kinda dig it.

Last Night’s Dreams:
I’m Walter White (Breaking Bad) & we’re running a heist of a sporting goods store to try to attract Gus for a confrontation.  Badger is supposed to shoot Gus with a bow & arrow.  What could possibly go wrong?

I return a rental car & my friend Jessie picks me up from the car rental place.  First time I’ve seen her in at least five years….

My mom pulls a tick off her back the size of a ball bearing.  When I look at it, it’s actually robotic rather than organic.  I crush it with the heal of my shoe.

The governments of the world denounce patents/copyrights/intellectual property laws.  My whole idea of how to make money to stay alive is going to fall apart.

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