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So I noticed a couple days ago after updating Firefox that some sites have problems with playing streaming media for me.  Today I noticed that the Silber Radio page is an example.  Crap.  Anyone know what’s up with that?  Looks like it has to do with anyone/everyone using a Windows Media Player embedded player.  Kinda sucks.

Started going through the process of getting the Azalia Snail on iTunes as there were some minor technical issues on it involving the disc’s co-releases from Powertool.

I sent out an email to my distros about picking up the Electric Bird Noise & Azalia Snail discs.  We’ll see what happens as some of my distros seem to not be doing quite so healthy today as five years ago.  Official street date is June 28, of course you can get them from me now.

Did another wave of follow up on the mini-comics that went out for review.  There have been some reviews coming in.  I’ve just been posting them in the Twitter feed so far.

I talked a bit with this music supervision service that wants to take publishing points of things in their catalog.  Not sure exactly how I feel about the idea.  On the one hand giving them publishing is bullshit.  On the other hand placement is where money is & $100 is better than zero dollars.  Plus I know that front end payments are fading away & how else can the placement guys make their money.

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