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So I assembled some more comics today.  Still waiting for my new toner cartridges to arrive so I can print everything out & get in a big production instead of just doing them for an hour at a time.  Then again just doing them an hour at a time my back doesn’t seem to hurt, so I guess that’s positive.

Worked on some artwork for a handbill flyer to promote the Electric Bird Noise catalog & the potential cover for the record I did with my son two years ago (which I may finally put out in the next few weeks).

Started doing some of the proof reading for the new issue of QRD coming up.  We’ll see if it happens or not, but I think Monday is an actual possibility for it going up.

I actually played guitar for a couple hours trying to practice enough to not embarrass myself at the performances (Remora & the guitar jam thing) I have the next few weeks.  I ended up coming up with this thing that I transcribed in Little Drummer Boy that may eventually be an actual song.


Meanwhile here’s another new piece from mwvm!

Last Night’s Dreams:
I’m taking care of my grandmother & she’s gotten so weak that I can’t lift her off the bed on my own because her head will flop around.  She has sores that look like they’re about to burst.  I don’t want things to be this way.  At least if she has the plague I might catch it as well.

I’m at a stadium for either a football or soccer game.  I’m in the upper bleachers & there’s only about two people per row.  The place is littered with trash & I gather up as much as I can & take it what feels like a city block to the nearest trashcan.  When I get back there seems to be even more trash than when I left & I notice on the ground where I was sitting is the wallet I had in 1996 with a Transformers Prowl sticker on it.Prowl Sticker

Prowl “Logic is the ultimate weapon.”
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