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So the reason I haven’t been posting lately is a tree in the neighbor’s yard was struck by lightning & it fell down & hit my house (no structural damage, but it cost $300 to get the tree off of the house & the yard is a bigger mess than usual).  It took out the internet connection for 5 days or so.  I probably should go a week without using the internet more often.

I just finished packing up the current promo wave for radio & tomorrow I’ll start sending out the ones for press.  So I feel like I’m getting some stuff done as things are going out of the house!  We’ll see what happens.

So I was just listening to this guy with a tutorial on how to get more web traffic who says he makes a quarter million a year as a social media advisor.  All of his tips were essentially about how to get things not even to the level of Silber (goal of only 30,000 visitors a month on the website?).  I guess my problem must be not knowing how to get people to give me money at this point if it seems like I should be getting enough money to retire per year based on this guy’s ideas.  One day I guess.  I mean, I know what some of the problems are with Silber as far as me not being pushy to sell things as I guess I should be, but whenever I look at other people’s stuff they seem to be doing things even worse.  Of course they are usually doing better than me financially & I think it really comes from Silber not doing much music that could even vaguely get classified as popular nor generally even genre specific in a popular genre (e.g. punk or metal) & I never got friendly enough with hipsters to make the music hip.  I guess I should become a consultant.  Somebody want me to consult on something?

I did an interview for AutoReverse (mainly about Remora) last night.  Check it out here.

I meant to post about it earlier, but Promute (Shaun Sandor, former Silber intern) has a free release out on Zeromoon you can get here.

I laid out & printed out the test copies of my Robert E Howard mini-comic.  I need to make a webpage for it.  Soon, soon, soon.  Too much work to do….

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