Advertise in QRD #74 (touring musician special coming soon)!


As a small business owner (Silber Records), I appreciate the value of advertising & have done my best to make ad campaigns available that are fairly priced & offer some of the benefits of traditional advertising (like the permanent placements), but at the small prices that reflect the low overhead of doing a webzine rather than a printed zine.  We also admit that advertisements are as much a show of sponsorship & appreciation as they are an investment in getting the word out about your own brand.  Anyway... we only use JPGs & GIFs (animated GIFs are fine) using a method that doesn't allow flashblockers or adblockers to disable your content (a problem you normally run into with web ads).  While plenty of places you give more money to than you could ever hope to recoup, with our low rates & permanent placement offers you can actually make back your investment.   We also now do more traditional month long ad campaigns if that is something you'd prefer. 

In June 2015 QRD had 12,020 visitors (not just hits!). (I'll try to keep this number updated, but I'm lazy about looking at numbers lately.)

Permanent Rotating Sidebar Ad on New Issue Content Pages - $5!
A sidebar ad measures 200 pixels by 50 pixels & appears on the left of every article in the issue.  These advertisements stay up on the article pages indefinitely & the cost is $5.  Odds of impression are 1 in 10.  You don't have to be too smart  to know this ad pays for itself if it leads to just one or two sales.

Permanent Rotating Bottom Banner Ad on New Issue Content Pages - $10!
You can get a bottom banner ad on all of an issue's content pages measuring 468 pixels by 72 pixels for $10.  This banner stays up forever - it never expires.  It is in rotation & we max out at 10 of these per issue.

One Month Sidebar Ad on All Content Pages - $15!
You can get a sidebar ad measuring 200 pixels by 50 pixels & appearing on the left of every content page for just $15.  It is in rotation with a one-in-ten chance of display & we max out at 5 of these per month.  But wait, here's the kicker!  Your ad will stay up at least a month, but it'll stay up until someone else purchases your slot in a following month!  Even if it only stays in one month you are only paying about 1.5 cents per impression.

Edit Your Permanent Ad!
Need an old ad replaced?  New images are dropped in for $5 (regardless of number of issues).  New link locations are $5 as well.

Go Back in Time!
Need an ad placed in a particular back issue?  We can do it for twice the regular price of advertising in the upcoming issue assuming slots aren't already filled for that issue.

Email us for reservations or more information.  Discounts available for multiple placements.

Brian John Mitchell