XO, Aarktica, Moodring, Sarah June

I got the second draft of the next XO sent to Melissa to proof.  Assuming everything’s good I’ll lay it out so she can start drawing it tomorrow.

Got the first drafts for the art for Aarktica’s new album In Sea, which means it’s getting pretty close to a go on that one.

Got in the sleeves for the Moodring record so it will be ready to sell in a day or so after I bag them.  Still have to make the press release info for it.  I have been doing some leg work on promo for it already however.

I heard back from the place with the poly bags for my comics & they’re sending the second batch of 5000.

Mastered a couple more songs for the Sarah June record.  I hope the excitement is building on that one from mentioning it basically every day.

More news tomorrow.

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