we aren’t always gonna lose this year, we’re gonna win some times

Productive day today.

Did some more follow ups on the Hotel Hotel & Northern Valentine.  Those of you reading this blog regularly are starting to see how much work is put into promoting new releases here at Silber I suppose.

Did the mastering of the slicnaton/northern valentine/remora collaboration (tentatively titled Clear Field) which you starz will get to hear next week as part of our MP3 release series.  Still working on mastering Northern Valentine’s Stars Whisper for the same series.  & I have almost all of the audio loaded on my computer for the the Christmas comp.

Helped Shane Sauers a bit with his website.  He’s the guy from Miss Massive Snowflake & he also is the guy who did the art for Alan Sparhawk’s solo guitar & Hotel Hotel’s The Sad Sea.  Check his new page out here.

Got a phone call this morning that my brother’s brother-in-law wanted to give me his old bass.  So that’s pretty sweet.  I’m not sure if it’s going to be better than my Washburn, but I imagine it is better than my Lotus.  I wasn’t told what kind it is.

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