wait, I’m actually writing songs?

So I mastered the alternate mixes for Carta.  Still waiting to hear back.  Really large downloads get funny sometimes.

In theory the mastered DVD for review is coming tomorrow.  I’m still a little leary of it.

So the “real” or “normal” or “regular” Remora record I worked on a little today.  I’ve been recording these little ten second vocal ideas for about a year (some of which I don’t recognize as being written by me & some of which are too dark for even me to use (I had a chorus on a song that was “watching you murder men makes me want to have babies with you” – what (& who) the fuck is that about?)) & I wrote guitar parts for maybe four or five of them today.  It’s making me think about trying to do a straight laced tour where I do traditional songs with an acoustic guitar.  Cuts down on my equipment to lug around.  It depends if I can get it worked up enough to think it would be entertaining to people.  Also, I’ve been warning people for years, but the new Remora might have some drums on it.  Or maybe I’ll pretend I’m Bruce Springsteen & record it in a hotel room.

A few weeks ago I got the Kinks greatest hits, because I know a lot of people I respect that are a bit older than me are into them.  They aren’t my thing I guess.  Closer to the Beatles than the Rolling Stones.


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