ULK, Azalia Shirts, Electric Bird Noise, recent pet peeves, & more

Not a lot of work done today.  Mainly catching up on Silber related emails over the past couple of days that got neglected for working on QRD.  So some of the news below is based on that.

I got in the pencil sketches from Jeremy Johnson for Ultimate Lost Kisses #12.  I need to look through them & make suggestions so he can start inking & then that issue will be done after over a year in limbo.

Azalia Snail has some t-shirts she’s printing.  She’s doing them in any requested colors.  I’m still trying to find out a bit of info for how people will be able to order them.  I think it’s a little silly to have her ship them to me for me to re-ship to whoever, so I need to set it up to go directly through her.  It’ll just take a day or two to get that figured out & set-up on the site.

Martin & James Newman (Plumerai) were in town today & I made them listen to some of the new Remora record & the review was something like, “This isn’t just commercial compared to Remora, this is commercial compared to us!”  I still have up the rough mix of the “single” from the new Remora (it’s called “My Brother’s Guns & Knives”) at GimmeSound if you want to hear it.

Working on the liner notes for the Electric Bird Noise ensemble album.  I didn’t even know I was supposed to be writing them until today, but evidently I was emailed about it a week ago.  Got a partial draft done & down to Brian McKenzie.  A little hard to do the liner notes as I’m not sure where I put my copy of the demos of the record to listen to when writing it & I didn’t know the names of the fifty people that appear on the record.

There was an article in the weekly paper where I live about there being too many venues & not enough good bands.  I tend to disagree, but I understand why the writer thinks so.  It’s true that there are bands playing over an over in this little tri-city area where I live, but these venues aren’t reaching out to get any bands other than the ones who are playing on repeat.  I’ve never been contacted to play a show by these venues & I suppose that’s part of why (despite playing two shows in January) I only play about four shows a year in the area.  But the real problem to me is not the number of bands, but that bars are trying to clone each other rather than do their own things & that none of them are trying to be friendly to anyone that can’t stay out drinking until 1 in the morning on a Tuesday.  People have jobs.  People have kids.  High schoolers would love to see live music.  Please, someone, let these people go see bands play instead of just watching TV.

& another thing that I’ve been pissed off about for a week now.  A friend of mine (who’s also a musician & routinely complains about people not buying music) posted on Facebook, “New Mogwai album leaked! Downloading it now!”  WTF?  Doesn’t he realize what he’s doing & that he’s condoning people to not pay his favorite band & that may keep them from being able to do another album or at least limit their fundings of such?  I feel like maybe Mogwai named an album after him, “Come on Die Young.”

I shot some optical feedback videos again, but I didn’t compress these ones or switch out their audio (at least not yet), so they are huge for uploading to YouTube (180 megs).  I’ll post them in the blog when they’re ready I suppose.

I need to do some work on the Sarah June Remix EP.  Kinda let working on it slide a bit & now the time is coming to unleash it.

Speaking of EPs I may be releasing one from Clang Quartet in pretty short order & Evgeny is working on one for Thorn1 as well.

Today’s installment of Silber mini-comics is Worms #2.

Last Night’s Dream:
I’m driving a sporty little red car through some podunk town that the GPS has me driving through the main street of instead of being on the highway.  I crash into a little pole on the sidewalk that is holding up a little overhang on a shop while I’m looking at my GPS.  It’s a Sunday, so there is no one in the town.  The car can still drive, so I just keep going on to wherever the GPS is going to take me.

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