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So admittedly I haven’t figured out how to work Twitter as far as how to get more followers, but evidently Charlie Sheen has as I hear he gained a million followers in a day.  Good for him.  I wonder if he even uses it or if it’s someone else’s publicity stunt.  Maybe I should do that.  Make a John Lennon Twitter & start off just quoting Beatles lyrics & then when I hit a million followers I can start slipping in “I really dig the new Aarktica record” or whatever.  Of course I don’t even know how to get a follower in the first place.  Anyone that knows how to build up appropriate Twitter followers, let me know.

I did just sign up for this ponzi scheme for Twitter followers appropriately titled “Free Twitter Followers” if you are interested in joining it as well.  Basically you follow 50 random folks & then are added to the list to gain random followers.

My buddy Eric Shonborn (of Gutter Trash) did a sketch & little bio of me on his sketch a day blog.

I got out the monthly email newsletter today.  I meant to mention the games on the site, but I forgot.  I guess by next month I’ll have the game section a little better.  I might actually pay money to get versions of a few games I really want on there.  We’ll see what happens.  I don’t really know if there’s any reason to do them & if anyone besides me will use them anyway.

My sister loaned me a digital picture frame to use at SPACE since the one I ordered was broken.  We’ll see how it works out & if I need one.  I also ordered a little solar powered spinning display thing.  We’ll see if it gets here in time from Hong Kong.  I am planning on making a 3 foot tall box into a display that can hold a couple hundred of my minis, so this time I’ll be a little more on the ball for making an impression than last year.

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  1. GoddakkAttack says:

    a hope it’s a stunt, like Super Greg turning into Buddy Lee