Tins, Tin Tin, Life, & Dreams

I went to a couple shops today looking for metal tins to use to package my minis when people buy a complete set.  Oddly it was cheaper to buy ones with food inside than empty ones.  Hopefully in a couple weeks the price will drop more & I’ll get a few more as I was hoping I could find some of the right size for a buck & right now they are $2.50.

I went to see The Adventures of Tin Tin today & I’d give it a hearty endorsement for anyone who likes the Indiana Jones movies.

So I’m down visiting my brother & his family in Charlotte.  It’s a little funny because we were pretty close about 20 years ago & we both still see each other as who we were back then.  It’s weird too because I haven’t really noticed myself looking much older, but then I see it in my relatives & realize I must be getting old too.  Which is weird to realize.  I’m comfortable with death way more than I am getting old.

Last Night’s Dreams:
My niece is taller than me & she’s wearing a pink shirt that I think literally was my ex-girlfriend’s.

I’m walking in Brooklyn when I see something in the sky & after a sudden flash I’m in a yard overgrown enough to seem like a meadow.  The flash feels like it was two days ago & I’m trying to remember if they talked about it on the news.  Suddenly I’m back on the streets of Brooklyn & there’s a massive war machine carrying rockets the size of 18 wheelers & aiming them up at a white spot in the sky.  I guess this is how the world will end & where I’ll be for it.

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  1. GoddakkAttack says:

    i keep wanting that movie to be about the German Shepperd