thirteen hours

“i’m super busy on other projects, make a donation and i will see what i can do for you.”
Okay, that’s a quote from a music reviewer about if they were going to be able to review the new releases.  Wow, seriously?  I mean at least give me a spiel about how an ad would raise visibility amongst reviewers so they’d be more likely to select it to review.  I’d rather just make my interns do reviews & submit them to sites than out right pay….

So I got up this morning, filled some orders & hunkered down answering email responses to yesterday’s blast to reviewers.  I’m caught up now just thirteen hours later.  Still need to send out the emails to radio stations & do the follow ups to those sent physical units.  Maybe I have too many goals for a single day at times….

It looks like the original Rivulets EP from 1999/2000 will be re-issued on Death in Silberia.

I’m kind of embarrassed that I’m looking forward to V tomorrow night….

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