The Stranger, Finally Checking It Out, Tootsie Rolls, Remora, Dream

I watched the movie of Albert Camus’s The Stranger.  Here’s the review on Finally Checking It Out.

I made this little proto goth post punk cover of the Tootsie Roll jingle from when I was a kid.  Get infected by the earworm….

Last Night’s Dream:
I’m staying in a hotel room with my girlfriend (who I don’t recognize from waking life) because we’re going to a wedding out of state.  She gets  up early to take a shower & comes back out of the bathroom pissed off that she couldn’t get the water to work properly.  I go into the bathroom & the control is one of those one knob that turns 270 degrees jobs where turning it the same way controls both the pressure & the temperature.  I hate the knobs like this.

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