The Past is Back

Weird bits from the past washing over me today.

I spent several hours doing some landscape work today.  Digging holes for making a parking pad for my car.  It’s been about ten years since I was doing a lot of work landscaping.  It felt kinda good to be doing that much physical work again (for those not in the part of the world I am, it’s frozen clay soil right now).  But it did also make me feel like I needed more food intake than usual.

I got an email from an old co-worker that another co-worker had a heart attack on the job a couple nights ago & had to go into the hospital for an emergency surgery.  But the whole thing with it is, the guy is literally 70 now.  Maybe he shouldn’t be working an over night physical labor job.  It seems like it takes a lot of bad decisions to need to still be working at that point.  So I’m torn on what I think & how I feel about it.  Because I know the guy has made a lot of bad decisions to screw-up his life & while I don’t wish him ill, I do hope this can maybe be the thing that forces him to calm down & relax & enjoy being alive.

I got a message from a friend of mine that she Googled an old friend of ours looking for a Facebook page or whatever.  Instead she found out that she was in jail for attempted murder (stabbing).  Which on the one hand seems insane, to have somebody you think of as a friend & know they drifted that way, because clearly it could’ve been me that drifted that way.  Just a few worse life decisions on my part would’ve caused it.  Because though she was clearly always a bit of a handful, I think most people would classify me as the same.  I think anyone who knew me in high school would be as surprised to find out I’m alive & have never been arrested as they would be to find out I was dead or in jail for some drug-related violent crime.  It’s sad.  I suppose most of us have been thrown away at some point by different people in our life & I really wish we were in a culture where people have an easy path to redemption after being discarded instead of going deeper into the darkness.  & at a certain point, we’re all part of the problem.  Because we all just walk away saying, “It’s too hard,” or “This person takes too much out of me.”  I guess I’m lucky that I’ve been self-destructive instead of externally destructive over the years.  I don’t know, I have a dozen or so friends from over the years that have ended up dead or in prison & it’s a shame that I just forget about them 90% of the time.  Humans really should communicate with each other better.

Did some more work on the mini-comics today.  Did more work on the next few QRDs.  Posted about the current QRD on some newsgroups.  I guess that’s it.

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One Response to The Past is Back

  1. GoddakkAttack says:

    when i moved returned from Deutschland the first time to NC, I found out that the kid that lived across the street and who was generally a jack ass amongst us 5 year olds tried to rob a convenience store and got his face shot off by the clerk. It sorta made sense that’s how it would turn out.