Taxes, 5 in 5, & Dreams

So I got my taxes done & mailed in.  Nice to feel like something is accomplished.  Still have to make out all the stuff for sending out artist royalties & such.

I drew half of a super short schizophrenic dystopian revolutionary comic yesterday.  With luck I’ll finish it today.

Finally got back to work on the 5 in 5 series.  I’m hoping to put a string of them out in the next couple of days.

Just a sketch….

Last Night’s Dreams:
I wake up & look outside & there’s snow on the ground.  It’s too late in the year for snow.  Has God finally granted me time travel?  I look at the mess in my room & there’s too much evidence of modern times to have gone back far enough to matter.

I’m staying at a hotel & go to the continental breakfast assuming it’s free.  When I get to the end of the service line there’s a place to pay, but I don’t have my wallet with me.  I ask the guy to let me put my tray behind him while I go grab my wallet.  I grab my wallet out of my bookbag & when I open it to pay all the credit cards are missing & all there is, is $6 in cash.  I start freaking out & the dude says if I’m not going to pay he has to call the cops & I’m yelling, “Call the cops!  I’ve been robbed!  How am I going to make it back home!?!” & by coincidence there are cops eating the breakfast there & they come up & surround me.

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