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Remora, Spotify, XO, Worms

So I did some more work on my paper dolls for the Remora video.  Drew three out of five, still have to scan them in, color them, & cut them out & then find out if my camera can do …

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  1. GoddakkAttack says:

    if it doesn’t cost the label/artist anything to be on it, i would see Spotify as free promo (i guess cdbaby puts you on there as part of their deal, not sure how working direct works out).
    Although I imagine at a certain level the artist becomes promo for Spotify as opposed to the other way around.

  2. GoddakkAttack says:

    also i gu ess i don’t know how spotify works either, is it just online radio like pandora? or do you get to download the songs for a subscription fee?

  3. On Spotify you get to listen to any song you want with no subscription fee. I haven’t heard an explanation of why anyone would get their pay service & in most countries about 5% of people use the pay service.

  4. As far as it being free promo, it would be free promo if people came to your music through it instead of going to it for your music.

    • GoddakkAttack says:

      well i imagine it’s supposed to work that way, like last fm or whatever. where hey i like Metallica so it’ll suggest i listen to Megadeth. So i’m sure people will go for metallica and megadeth and maybe hear some other horrible metal band from the midwest as a result potentially. so possibly promo if it works that way but from what i gather, it’s one of the weaker points of the app.

      anyways, i was reading this article about this and it made a good point that the major labels have big shares in spotify so they don’t really care about the streaming revenue since they’re making profit from the ad & subscription revenue anyways. win win for them.

  5. I hear there’s some kind of thing on it where you can check out what your friends are listening to that’s supposed to be “fun.” Yeah, the labels owning Spotify is probably the real reason Apple hasn’t bought it & closed it down yet.

    • GoddakkAttack says:

      It’s in their interest to make the company look successful even though it’s not so that their shares skyrocket. Explains why there’s been so much media support for it.

      • Yeah, it’s like Second Life. Why was that shit on the news all the time when even at my level of geekery I never met anyone that had an account they used more than the one time to find out the thing was kinda lame?

Free Music from Remora & Thorn1 plus other fun stuff.

So today instead of actually practicing playing guitar, I made this on my sub-midi program.  Let me know what you think & if it feels familiar.

I finally have the finished version of the Azalia Snail press release done.  Also …

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Pricing, Azalia Snail, Remora, Lost Kisses, XO

So as some of you may have noticed, the price of shipping internationally went up a bit recently.  A single CD went up from $3.70 to $4.33 going to Europe.  Which makes me wonder about raising the international price from …

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XO, Keychain Camera, Remora, Vlor, Roland, Ampquest, Dogs

So I got a final draft of XO #8 done & laid out & sent it to Melissa to draw. So that’s just two comics I have out waiting for art to come back. I need to get on the …

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Amp, QRD, XO, Dream

So I went to this “musician’s yard sale” thing & picked up a pretty cool little analog synth called a Hohner Bass 3.  I also got an amp by Alesis called the Sumo 100 & evidently a 100-watt Alesis amp …

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Small Life Form, Stan Brakhage, Fathers & Sons, XO, Remora, Veggie Dog Saturn, Dream

I knocked out a few Small Life Form tracks for the comp Ben Collins is putting together about Stan Brakhage.  One is a thing where I set up some optical theremins & played Mothlight & another is using magnets …

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Comic Scripts, Low, Mead, Dream

I got the paperwork part of the royalties for this quarter done, just got to get the checks out.  Hope to get the invoices out to distros in the next couple days & then I’ll be caught up on paperwork …

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Paperwork, Doctors, Mini-Comics, Rollerball, Dreams

I spent most of the day working on the quarterly paperwork so I can get out the royalty checks to artists & the invoices to the distros (which I hope to get at least one, if not both of, done …

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Comics, Music, & Hooch

Got the layout done for ULK #12, hope to print it out tomorrow.

I did some work on remastering Aarktica’s Morning One EP (is that from 2000?) that will be re-issued at some point this year.

Assembled 40 mini-comics that …

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  1. Nick says:

    Morning One is from 2001. I bought it used several years ago. I do not remember from where though…

B12, Silbeer, XO, QRD, Lost Kisses, Armored Trooper VOTOMS, Jamie Barnes

I feel like the B12 might be working as I feel like I had another productive day.

On the Silbeer front, today I was working on a Honey Mead (Silbeer 002) & Fermented Root Beer (Silbeer 003) (which I’m thinking …

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