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Social Networks, Redwoods, Remora, Dreams

I was looking into some social networking stuff & unbelievably Orkut now has better traffic rankings than MySpace.  Also Orkut has twice as many users as Google+.  So I went on Orkut & just like three years ago when I …

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Remora, Redwoods, Facebook, Donations, & Dreams

Practiced some today for getting ready for the Remora show on Saturday.  Played bass instead of guitar for all the songs to try to beat up my fingers a little more & get them back up to snuff for the …

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3 Responses to Remora, Redwoods, Facebook, Donations, & Dreams

  1. GoddakkAttack says:

    you should get a bassVI.

    • I probably should. But I’m lately not playing often enough to justify it & I don’t have any particular song ideas or recordings in mind that require it. Meanwhile I am thinking about a metal dobro because I do have some recording ideas that might require that. (I hear when you get a metal one that they are designed for single note playing & chords don’t blend together the way they do with a wooden body so the way I play with a heavy right hand hitting all six strings might sound interesting, but I’ve never even seen one except on the internet so I haven’t checked it out.)

      • GoddakkAttack says:

        you’d play everything you’d play on guitar on the VI except it will be thicker and more bowelvacating inducing.