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McTeague, QRD, Facebook Ads, Dreams

So I was listening to the audio book of McTeague while working on stuff this week.  Here’s the review on Finally Checking It Out.

I got the new QRD up (#55 if you are keeping count).  It’s another guitarist …

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2 Responses to McTeague, QRD, Facebook Ads, Dreams

  1. GoddakkATTACK says:

    if i remember correctly, FB ads got us a bunch of likes from SA but no sales. maybe increased spotify plays but we’d have to get 500k plays before we can make the threahold of being paid

    • Yeah, FB ads (like all ads) are hard to make seem effective sales wise. But in the end paying about $1 for 50,000 impressions may be worth it for establishing brand. I’m happy with one sale generated that can be linked to an ad.