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So some of the new releases are getting played on some podcasts like Drug Music & No Pigeonholes EXP.  Check them out if you are into weird music.

I sent my scripts for a two-week story arc over to …

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Clang Quartet, Remora, Disney

The Clang Quartet documentary “Armor of God” is now available for you to watch.  It was of course made by Jim Havercamp & Brett Ingram back in 2001.

Though I know the new Remora record isn’t even officially out yet, …

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  1. GODDAKKattack says:

    it’s nice that the boy looks like he’s in the Misfits.

  2. Maybe he even is in the current Misfits? Who can keep track?

  3. Peter says:

    It’s great that the documentary is finally available. Just a few weeks ago I was looking for it and came up empty.

  4. Yeah, I’m glad that it’s around for more people to see. It’s weird to think how much & little has changed in the ten years since then.

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So I read this article over at Music Think Tank about how to run your free MP3 promotions.  Not sure if I should actually change things around to fit it or not, but it’s probably worth any musician reading.

I’m …

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  1. GoddakkAttack says:

    How do they rate the sites?

    I’m sure Myspace still gets a lot of traffic but i’m thinking that it’s all people using it to spam one another and not legitimately in use. Considering what a pain in the ass it is for pages to load etc. . … I have a hard time believing an average person could be bothered. Which is why i think a lot of people went to the FB.

    In regards to RN & BC, i don’t think that it can be used the same as Myspace and therefore can’t really be judged the same. Both of them are more or less a place to put music and info and then direct people to it, whereas Myspace had more of a community approach, with people collecting, networking etc.

    You don’t really log onto Bandcamp and hope to stumble across bands you might like. You go there to check out bands you already know via links you find. Not to virtually hang out. the thing with myspace is that it was a place for people to pretend like they had friends and send messages and post goofy shit like FB today. Neither BC or RN are really for that, they’re more or less music driven. Sort of the same with most marketing campaign’s you gotta get the attention of people that really don’t give a shit about music and make them think that they do.

    Soundcloud is a good tool but for some reason i don’t like using it, i think it’s more the feel of the site or possibly the look. I should mess with it more.

  2. They’re rated by hits (not pageviews or time spent on site) & I know that MySpace has a lot of images on a page (more files is more hits), but so do Reverbnation & Bandcamp so they should be comparable. Soundcloud is the thing that really surprised me. Because if anything they are the most music centric of sites & it seems like they are the one with the least buzz. Then again, they are also the only one of those three that I think works with major labels & that probably is what all the traffic was really caused by for MySpace. Before MySpace worked with all the major labels you didn’t see housewives & businessmen excited about it.

Soundcloud, Clang Quartet, Comics

I saw today that The Beatles are using Soundcloud now.  Looks like Soundcloud is making a strong play to be the next big home for music.  They also have music creation apps now.  Man, if I was computer savvy I’d …

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  1. Nick Marino says:

    Congrats on the SPACE Prize.

    As for Soundcloud, I’ve been sluggish to put my songs up there. Not cause there’s anything wrong with it… but because I don’t see an obvious advantage to it. I think they must have a lot of corporate backing, etc, because they’re integrated with a lot of other sites. But I don’t know anyone personally that uses it or hangs out there. Granted, I don’t have many musician friends, so that might be why.

Free EP from Clang Quartet, Azalia Snail video, & a ton of other stuff

So this weekend is the 14th anniversary of Clang Quartet, so how do we commemorate it?  A new free EP called Ava.  Listen or download from CQ’s page here on Silber.

The Clang Quartet/Remora/etcetera show went …

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Clang Quartet EP, Sarah June EP, Goddakk, Remora, Lost Kisses, Bad Contracts

So I finished writing the press kit for Clang Quartet: Ava, just got to lay that out & bundle everything together & then put it online.  Which I’m sure will take me a lot longer than I think …

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Sarah June, Clang Quartet, Star, Goddakk, & a Dream

So it seems like things might be going Silber’s way on the Sarah June front.  She’s a finalist for a contest as “up & coming artist to watch” for the Grammys.  She’s got a brand new interview up at Culturespill

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  1. GoddakkAttack says:

    I knew about the Hayman thing but never got around to actually listening. Til today, maybe i should review it for the Finally çhecking it out blog but watching the videos makes me think somebody should hire him to write songs for Sesame Street. Also…if you haven’t maybe check out his Protons and Neutrons video.

ULK, Azalia Shirts, Electric Bird Noise, recent pet peeves, & more

Not a lot of work done today.  Mainly catching up on Silber related emails over the past couple of days that got neglected for working on QRD.  So some of the news below is based on that.

I got …

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Overworked & under nourished

Okay, so I’m starting to realize I’m over extended on the work I need to do, so the blog may be slowed down from indepth entries for a little while. If you need a blogging fix, there’s a good one …

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Clang Quartet Interview

There is an article about Clang Quartet from the Winston Salem Journal here.

On the recent KwokTalk podcast they talk about Lost Kisses & xo & Worms starting around 40 minutes & 20 seconds.

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