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Straw Man, Star, Small Life Form, Remora, 1984, Clang Quartet, Dream

So I knocked out another draft for the Straw Man mini & got it out to David Branstetter per his request yesterday for some mild script changes.  So I think I’m done with that project & can cross it off …

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  1. the girl says:

    i like that you didn’t know i took the vids.
    also that you are so much more badass in your dreams than i have ever see you be in real life.
    also i like you.

  2. GoddakkAttack says:

    i wish the dialogue between you and the promoter was audible.

  3. Nick says:

    so basically promoters hire musicians for small venues without knowing their music?

    • Yeah, a lot of promoters don’t know what the fuck they are doing. I do think going into a bar & expecting people to be into feedback is a stretch & while I have had two or three shows that I knew would be awful that were well received at standard rock or hippie bars, those incidents are few & far between. My music is only fun time music to a very select group of people.

Blogging, Remora, 1984, Dream

So I’ve started working through the old blog entries from before the migration off of MySpace & adding tags & categories to them.  We’ll see if it ends up getting Google to drive some more traffic towards it.  Plus it …

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  1. GODDAKKattack says:

    well i think you’re mistake is thinking people on the internets are looking for something that is good/quality work. When really they’re only looking for things that are 1.) funny that they can share with friends 2.) porny or 3.) cute animals.