Sun, Sequential Underground, Goddakk, Cyberpunk Apocalypse, Dream

Here’s a gif I made from taking a bunch of photos through pieces of broken glass.

So I’m trying to be upbeat.  Hence the photo above.  A couple rough days trying to work with distros.  Going to be re-working things in my brain a bit over the next couple of weeks.

I was a guest on the Sequential Underground Podcast & we recorded that tonight.  It was mainly a bunch of unfocused rambling.  The topic was, what to do to positively impact your career as a cartoonist for just $500.  I’ll put up the link when it goes up in a day or two.

Here’s a fan made video for a Goddakk song:

& here’s a video from my reading at Cyberpunk Apocalypse back in November (unfortunately the blood portion didn’t come out):

Last Night’s Dream:
I’m on tour with The Independents in Iraq.  I’m driving & whoever it is in the passenger seat goes to sleep & falls over on to my lap & I freak out & almost wreck the van & miss my turn.

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2 Responses to Sun, Sequential Underground, Goddakk, Cyberpunk Apocalypse, Dream

  1. the girl says:

    whooooa! why didnt you tell me the video was up?? bummer about the lack of blood – i will never get to see it!!! *PROUD*

    • Without the blood, the video doesn’t really make a lot of sense for me. I mean, I essentially wrote that comic for the exclusive purpose of spitting blood at a reading. It reads to seriously as it is for me.