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Wrote the second half of the first draft of Lost Kisses #11 today.  Probably it should be a really serious story drawn by Adrian Tomine or something, but instead the mood will be completely altered by stick figures & gags.  I’m thinking about actually issuing the script to be re-done by other folks.  So if you draw comics & might be interested, please let me know.

The show last night was interesting.  I don’t know what more could’ve been done to promote the show & still nearly no attendance.  I know it was a Sunday in Smithfield, but what else is there to do in Smithfield Sunday night?  Honestly I think the attendance would have been comparable in most of the other cities I play in.  Things are just funny like that these days.

I read the first trade volume of that Walking Dead zombie comic that everyone has been telling me is so good for five years or so.  It had two things that I absolutely hated that reminded me of when I tried to write sci-fi apocalypse stories in junior high.  One was the guy finding his lost family right away (which he just should’ve never found at all) & the other was the “let’s have everybody talk about what they did before the apocalypse.”  Let me tell you my story, “Before the apocalypse I was a guy trying to stay alive without screwing anyone else over & now I’m still trying to do the same thing.  The apocalypse has had no real effect on my life whatsoever.”  In the full size comic format the ideal way to get these expositions in would be to have a one page backstory bio that is actual text just as an appendix.  Not some lame poorly written conversation.  Still, a friend had mailed me an issue that came out 40 issues later that was pretty great, so I guess at some point it changes to having less forced action & more character study (which is what the apocalypse literature is really about, forcing you to study your own character).  Maybe I’ll actually write the next issue of Zombie Kisses about my brother going to Texas & losing his moral center.

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