Stats & the Future

So I downloaded my webstats & it’s interesting to me.  On the new Christmas comp about 1000 people went to the page, but only 50 people downloaded the zip & the rest just streamed the audio.  Which I think just goes to show that downloading is on the way out which is something I’ve thought for a while.  It’s disconcerting because I don’t know what to do if the business model is going to be changing this much & this fast since I’m still trying to modify my 1995 business plan instead of starting from scratch in the year 2011.

The art show went alright today.  About 40 people came in & I sold ten comics.  It’s weird to me though the amount of people who look at te comics & say, “These are so cool,” & then pick one up & read it & don’t buy any.  Are they saying they’re cool just to be polite or does the actual content turn them off?  I mean, I’m selling them for a dollar & there’s 50 different ones.  Of course the thing with most art things I’ve been to in the past few years is the big sellers are jewelry & pottery.  I’m told by people doing paintings that sales have been pretty bad for about five years now, which is disconcerting.

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2 Responses to Stats & the Future

  1. GoddakkAttack says:

    with so many people online all the time, there’s no real good way to convince them to a.)buy or b.) download.

    Also from my experience…most people are still finding new music and sharing it via youtube. which i find weird conceptually but i guess it’s more of the one stop shopping…. videos and/or music and bootlegs etc. . . all in one place.

  2. GoddakkAttack says:

    also, so many people i know are hopping on the spotify bandwagon (free version of course).