Starting the Next QRD

So I started sending off for the Father’s Day QRD.  11 people agreeing to interviews so far.  Once again, any musician dads reading this that want to take part should give me a shout.

I keep spending time researching stuff for promotions lately rather than creating content to promote.  I need to shift my priorities around.  The intellectual content is where it’s at, not the reviews or even the sales.

The Remora show last night where I played five guitars at once was pretty sweet/fun sonically.  People are telling me it should be my main rig from here on out, but it is way too much work.  Though I am thinking about using my dilrhuba as a drone for the next Small Life Form show.

I think the CD burner in my laptop might be busted.  I guess that’s bound to happen as much as I’ve lugged the thing around in the past five years.

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