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I forgot to mention on the blog the other day that I have some sale specials going on.  Pre-order physical copies of the new Remora album for just $5, get 4 previous Remora albums for $15, or get the Azalia Snail & Electric Bird Noise bundled together for $20.  So yeah, get stuff at a good deal for a limited time.

So today I got my mini-comics table confirmed for Maker Faire NC (this Saturday).  Which is great, except it means I need to print & assemble a bunch of mini-comics.  I’ll also be doing a Small Life Form show at 10am.  So come out & watch me play & assemble comics.

There are a couple new posts over on Nostalgia Equals Distortion, one about guitar pedals & one about Red Dawn.  Hope you dig them.

I’ve been thinking about making a cooking blog as well (tentatively titled Drone Chef).  I don’t know.  I’ve been talking about it for a while & it seems like it could be fun, but of course I fear it would stall out after ten entries like most blogs do.

Did some work on finding more reviewers to service today & that was the big time taking task for the day.

So I’ve been looking into making some QR Code (the two dimensional barcodes decipherable by smartphones) stickers as promo items.  Sarah June gave me the idea & I think she got it from Lupe Fiasco.  Basically you just put the stickers up around town & people wonder what they are so they scan them & then they are on your website or whatever.

Last Night’s Dreams:
A girl from my distant past comes to my house to meet me for breakfast at 5am.  I’m exhausted & tired & feel drained before she gets to the house & still am after eating.  I tell her I want to take a shower & she says she’ll join me & the idea doesn’t come across as either exciting nor repulsive; I simply don’t care.  I’m in the shower & when she steps in she’s still wearing her clothes which really confuses me.

I’m working on a comic that is basically done by tracing photos (which I guess is what some comics do), but strangely the woman who’s agreed to star/model for it is Gwyneth Paltrow & I’m taking pictures of her sitting at a desk in a cave.

I find a pile of small stones in the basement that are both magnetic & radioactive.  I’m not sure what to do with them.

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  1. GoddakkAttack says:

    that barcode thing….there’s some sort of ScavengerHunt promo thing they do here with that. I never looked into it…but maybe you can get sponsorship with your local DQ.