Sons, Friends, Azalia Snail, Wikileaks, & Vigilant

My friend Khristian Weeks was also playing tonight & I gave him one of my mini-comics as I had a couple in my jacket pocket.  Strangely he’d never seen one & was unaware of me doing them.  At this point I feel like they are as integral as my music or label for knowing what I do.

So I talked to Azalia Snail today & I think it is safe to mention her name as the new artist Silber should be working with in the near future.  More news on it as it all develops.  It’s looking like one of those things where you talk about it in the far flung future for a month (which we have) & then all of a sudden it’s in your hands.  It’s going to be a co-op release with a New Zealand label who’s name escapes me at the moment.

CJ Boyd asked me about doing a song for a compilation he’s putting together to help pay the legal fees for WikiLeaks.  I was torn because I hadn’t followed the story too well.  The more I looked into it, the more it seemed like a plot from some dystopian sci-fi book.  So I ended up writing a song that could have been on Enamored or the new Remora record.  I still have to record it.

Worked on the first draft of the second issue of Vigilant.  Tentative title for the issue is “massacres.”  It may or may not end the series, but I like the idea of having a book where any issue could be the last issue & in fact is the last issue until the next one comes out.

Last Night’s Dream (really short):
A digital clock with all the numbers edges rounded instead of squared off.

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