I spent the majority of yesterday working on the next QRD.  It’ll be another part of the cartoonist series.  Maybe the last of the cartoonist series for the near future.  The last time I sent out about trying to get interviews for it I got a couple people responding saying to stop sending them the questions or to only send them interview questions specifically about their work.  So I kinda feel like I’m done with it.  QRD doesn’t make a ton of money & I have spent some time the past couple of years trying to push it a little harder & the fact is for a lot of effort I really didn’t get many results.  I’ve got about a dozen interviews I’m promised to come in for the next guitarist issue as well & then I think I’m shutting that series down as well.  I’m just kind of tired of it being at the point where people feel like they are doing me a favor by taking part in the series as opposed to seeing it as being a mutual conversation.  I suppose I will still eventually do the touring musician & drummer series, but it might be a little while.

Working on getting some of the five minute EPs ready to go up.  Just takes a little time.  Going to be getting those up & after that I’m not sure exactly what is going to be up on deck.  I might hibernate for a little while.  I just need some room to breathe & figure things out.  I feel like I’ve pushed Silber as far as I could & as hard as I could for as long as I could & I need some time to regroup a minute & evaluate priorities.  It’s all a lot of work & I love it, but it’s hard to know what to do when I can go two weeks without a single sale with a catalog of over a hundred releases & eight new items up in 2013 alone.  So after the ten more 5 minute EPs, we’ll see what I decide to do.

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