Snow Days

So I know haven’t been posting on the blog lately.  As some of you know, that usually means I’ve been working on a ton of stuff.

First off, the new QRD is up.  A continuation of the guitarist interview series & the last part that will be completed in our big ebook project.

On the comic book front I got completed scripts for Built #3 & Ultimate Lost Kisses #15 mailed out to the artists.

But as you most likely suspect I’ve mainly been working on promo stuff for the new If Thousands & Electric Bird Noise records.

Also, there was a bunch of snow here where I live (which doesn’t happen) & it’s slowed me down on getting some orders ready, including one of thirty comics which meant needing to print them all out, which takes longer than you’d think.

Just so this isn’t a completely boring entry, here’s a Clang Quartet video:

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