Small Life Form video & Recent Dreams

Small Life Form “Optical 1″ optical feedback video

Recent Dreams:
I’m at a college party.  I think it’s in Asheville.  I’m in the bathroom taking a piss & this jack-ass knocks the door in breaking the cheap lock on the doorknob.  I know he’s a jack-ass because I’ve seen him earlier in the night.  For some reason he has a chef’s knife & I grab his wrist so he stabs himself repeatedly in the throat.  I close the door & throw him in the bathtub to bleed out.  For a minute I think about chopping him up & flushing him down the toilet (Dennis Nielsen style), but I feel it’s disrespectful & denigrating to the human body.  I wrap him up in the shower curtain.  I take him to the room across the hall & throw him out the window into the yard.  I go outside & throw his body into the crawl space after kicking his teeth in.  I go back inside & eat some cold pizza as the sun starts to come up.  I go to my car & drive home.  I never do well at parties.

I’m paying my tab at a bar & I pull out my credit card to pay my tab.  I’m looking at the name on it & it isn’t familiar.  Then I realize that I have no idea what my name is or who I am.  I’ve somehow erased myself.

I just sit in the darkness until my master needs me for battle.  Waiting in a cage.  I come out & my right fist is coated in lightning.  It destroys everything in it’s way as I continue moving relentlessly forward until I’m pulled back into the darkness.  Alone with my mind.

I’m trying to get on a plane & I’m flying standby.  I’m trying to figure out a way to absolutely get on the flight.  The ticket agents are just as retarded as I remembered them being when I worked at the airport.

I’m traveling & I think I’m on an airplane, but it has hardwood floors.  So maybe it’s a blimp?  It’s going to take forever to get wherever it is I’m going.

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