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Lest I forget to mention it, there is a Small Life Form live show next Wednesday at Squidco in Wilmington.  I went around trying to buy a clearance video projector (they have one at Bed Bath & Beyond for $65, but the store that had it instock locally it ended up it was in their damaged returns bin) & ended up ordering one online.  I don’t know if it will get here on time, much less if I’ll have enough time to make sure it works.

I ordered a Fender Chorus Pedal from Best Buy for under $10!  I never use a chorus pedal, but at $10 I’m willing to check it out & or tear it apart.  Thanks to James & Martin from Plumerai for the heads up on this.

Here’s the official link to get a PDF of the 2011 SPACE Comic Anthology I edited.   About 85 pages I think.  In related news I hear it is also available for smart phones from Cloud 9 Comix & I am talking to the C9 people about getting some of the Silber minis available.  So maybe how I’ve been talking about getting my comics on phones for six years will finally come to fruition.

I spent a few hours today fixing my dad’s laptop (he’d somehow broken one of the hinges & he has a Thinkpad so the hinges are made of metal, so how do you break that?) & it made me feel useful as a human being.

I listened to a few demos today (it was bound to happen eventually) & I might actually work with one of the acts as they seem like a pretty good fit to Silber.  We’ll see what happens on that.

Talked with Azalia Snail a bit about getting everything going with her record.  It looks like the official street date is going to end up April 4.  I need to contact the distros & figure out where to get it manufactured & get all the art properly laid out & all that jazz.  Also she’s going to be re-working a couple tracks & changing the order around a bit from the New Zealand version.

It looks like the new label owner QRD special should be ready around Monday.

Last Night’s Dreams:
I find out that the woman I’m dating has three other relationships at least as serious as the one I’m in with her.  I’m torn about what to do because on the one hand she’s cheating on me & on the other hand it makes the relationship low maintenance enough I can actually handle being in it.

I’m on tour with After the Panic (Jamie Barnes‘s band from when he was in high school) as an accessory weird noise maker using an optical theremin & super simple synth.  All the band members are bringing their girlfriends/wives on tour with them so the amount of space I have to bring my equipment is the size of a shoe box & they actually give me a shoebox to load into.  I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to get the noises I want with just a shoebox worth of equipment.

I clean my room & with all of the flat surfaces & no clothing sitting on the floor & such there are so strong of sound reflections that I can no longer record in my bedroom.

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