Small Life Form & Dreams

Here’s me as Small Life Form doing my version of Godflesh’s “Slavestate” which has very little to do with the original.

Last Night’s Dreams:
I’m visiting a friend I haven’t seen in a couple of years. He has a two year old son & on the way home from the hospital with his son he was in a car accident that killed his wife & his daughter & has been living alone with his son living off the settlement from the accident. He tells me about his two year old reading adult books. Big thick hardback books that he’ll find him reading that he doesn’t even know how he gets off the shelves. I see the baby reading a book & turning the pages with telekinesis. I ask my buddy if he still reads in the Bible every day & he says he gave up on religion after the accident. I pull my Bible out of my backpack & start reading aloud & the baby starts shaking & screaming & his eyes go black & I stop. We go into the kitchen leaving the baby in the living room. I tell him that his baby killed his wife & daughter & we need to get a priest. I call the local parish & tell the woman that answers that my friend has a baby showing symptoms of possession with telekinesis & she hangs up on me as a prank call. I go down to the church & bring the priest up & when we get back my friend is dangling hanging from an electric cable around his neck & the baby is gone.

My brother’s a cop in a small city. I’m driving behind him, following him to meet our sister. He flashes his light & has me pull over. I get out & walk up to him & here over the radio about someone taking out the SWAT team & stealing their weapons. I ask him if he’s listening to LA’s police band & he says, “No, it’s real & it’s six blocks away. I’m not going to make it to lunch.” His partner is freaking out saying, “I’ve only been working here two weeks! I’m just supposed to give out parking tickets!” I can here gunfire in the distance. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do. My brother’s putting on a flak jacket he’s getting out of the trunk & I ask him, “What’s the address of the place we’re going for lunch so I can put it in my GPS?”

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