slow days

Always hard to get things done.  Working a bit on the Christmas comp.  Here are the bands I have music from so far, if you have sent something & I don’t have you name listed – please contact me.
Clang Quartet , Glissade, South West Airline, Electric Bird Noise, Goddakk, Moral Crayfish, slicnaton, Subscape Annex, The Carnage Visors, Varde.  About 10 more promises, we’ll see what ends up happening.

Here’s the little radio chart I made, it’s also on the Silber Start page

Stations with current Silber releases in rotation.  Listen & request Hotel Hotel & Northern Valentine!
That’s it today besides filling orders & continuing work on follow-up for Northern Valentine & Hotel Hotel.  Still a lot to do.

Station Radio Stream Requests
WXDU WXDU stream on WXDU frontpage on left
WBGU WBGU stream instant message: wbgufm, email:
KFJC KFJC stream phone (650) 941-2500
WNCW WNCW stream webpage request
KAOS KAOS stream phone (360) 867-KAOS
WUSB WUSB stream phone (631) 632-6901
WRSU WRSU stream phone (732) 932-8800
KMSC KMSC stream phone (218) 477-2115
KDUR KDUR stream
WUMD WUMD stream phone (508) 999-8150
WNMC WNMC stream phone (231) 995-1090
WBSR WBSR stream instant message: BSR REQUEST
WNYU WNYU stream instant message: WNYUradio
KDVS KDVS stream phone (530) 754-KDVS
KUCR KUCR stream instant message: Hello KUCR
KMSU-2 KMSU-2 stream
CFUV CFUV stream phone (250) 721-8700
UMFM UMFM stream phone (204) 269-8636
KBOO KBOO stream phone (503) 231-8187
WLJS WLJS stream phone (256) 782-5592
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