Silber Top of the Pops

I thought some of you might be interested in what’s been popular on the Silber website so far in 2015.  I’m kinda surprised that the newest 5in5 aren’t dominating things, but that may be in part because we’ve been pushing them on Bandcamp & Spotify just as much as the Silber site.  Thanks for your interest in our work, it really means a lot to us.

Most Downloaded Albums
Various Artists – Broken Hearts Broken Sounds
Various Artists – Thirty Seconds of Time
Firetail – Little Droner Boy
Electric Bird Noise – Birth
MWVM – Had Yr Pash

Most Read About Albums
Various Artists – Broken Hearts Broken Sounds
Rllrbll – Bathing Music
Can Can Heads – King Dong Kong
Electric Bird Noise – Unleashing the Inner Robot
Chvad SB – Outside the Shadow of an Aliquot Tree

Most Downloaded Comics
Built #1
Lost Kisses #4
Ultimate Lost Kisses #11
Lost Kisses #5

Most Read QRD Articles
Author interview with Erin O’Brien
Label owner interview with David Mench of Waggletone
Guitarist interview with Alan Sparhawk of Low
Gifts for the Touring Musicians
Guitarist interview with Jesse Gray of The Pointless Forest

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