Silber Newsletter October 10, 2019 – Now That’s What I Call Silence


I hope all is well.  For several years we’ve been working on a complilation called “Now That’s What I Call Silence” influenced in equal parts by John Cage, Reynols, & the concepts of minimalism & sound experimantation in general.  But it’s done, it’s here!  Varying from tracks so silent they were rejected for dustribution (hi X-Bax!) to industrial noise (hi Small Life Form!).  Download & streaming links below.

We also have all of our August field recording series now available in one collection -
Our warehouse CD Purge sale is still happening – 12 CDs for $6 plus shipping -

Hoping to get up new releases from Yellow6, Baptizer, Whalt Thisney, Wodwo, & others shortly.  Been having some issues with my computer & 20 year old software for making the press releases lately.

I hope you dig the sounds & can help spread the word.  Thanks for your interest & support.

Brian John Mitchell
PO Box 833
Sanford, NC 27331

Bandcamp -
Spotify (truncated) -
YouTube (truncated) -

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