Silber Anniversary Show, QRD, Dream

So things are already starting to shape up for the Silber anniversary show. Eight confirmed performers already in the first day. Should be great. Gives me something to look forward to.

I got a return from a distro, which is fine; but half the stock was items they’d already paid for as sold & so it really screws up my paperwork.

I finished proofing the guitarist interviews for the next QRD, I just need to make a cover & lay them out, which of course always takes longer than anticipated.

Last Night’s Dream:
I’m staying at a hotel on the outskirts of town for a comic convention when a snow storm hits.  Immediately after I check out it’s announced that the highway is closed & they’ve already re-rented my room, but they put a gate up so I can’t take my car out to even try to get home.  I wonder how long it would take to walk the 200 miles in the snow….

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