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Well, tonight I bottled the first batch of Silbeer (somehow there was more than anticipated, I guess from the carbonation or something there’s more volume than what I put in) & started another batch.  The bottling is scaring me a little because I saw the episode of Breaking Bad where the home brew caps fly off & sound like bullets.  It seems that the Sam Adams bottles re-cap really well & some of the others not quite as well.  Just have to wait & see on it.

I think the games I’m going to be adding to the Silber site are Tron, Spy Hunter, Connect 4, & Tetris.  I’m still looking for a few more possibilities, but I need to find free games developed by other folks & that’s hard to come by.  Ideally they’d also let me host the files instead of just embedding, but I guess you can’t get it all.

I worked for a while on Lost Kisses #21 & about 1/3 of the pictures are done.  Always slower than I think.  When I worked my last job I would draw two panels during a five minute break & then think about the next two panels while working for an hour then draw a couple more in the next break.  Just sitting here with the pen & nothing else going on doesn’t seem to speed up the process.

I did some of the scanning of Ultimate Lost Kisses #12.  I thought I’d get it finished, but today was a high maintenance day with my grandmother so I didn’t get a chance to do much work until after she went to bed.

Oh, before I forget, Ben Collins (former Silber intern gone label owner) is working on a comp for you music making folks.  Open call, read about it here.

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