Rivulets European Tour, Anniversary Show, Live Small Life Form Video, Superhero Dream

Rivulets are going on tour next month in Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, & Italy with Aidan Bake & Library Tapes.  Here’s the dates & locations for those interested.

I don’t think I’ve posted a link to it here, so here’s the link to the Facebook event for the Silber 15 Year Anniversary Show.  I don’t know if we’ll try to do any video stream thing or not as I for sure don’t know how that stuff works!

I had a video from the Small Life Form show a week or so ago.  I only played for a few minutes because I was last on the bill for a show with about 7 people (including members of the 4 other bands) remaining.  Anyway, I hope you dig it.  The camera for the video is the one I was using to make some optical feedback projections, so you don’t have to watch me twiddle knobs.  Can you tell that half my rig was dead?  I don’t think so.

The Other Night’s Superhero Dream:
I’m at some kind of hero academy, so the world must be running pretty low on heroes.  One of the tasks is running through a maze & rather than try to run through it I climb up on top of a wall & walk the edges of the wall to get out, which is seen as problem solving rather than cheating.  Some woman with legitimate super powers shows up to attack me saying that I’m the one responsible for the end of the Earth & I just say, “No, I’m not.” & I realize that my superpower is that my para-suicidal behavior in the face of danger confuses & threatens my opponents (which I suppose is a big part of the appeal of 1960s’ Captain America).  At any rate she’s whisked off with a first wave of hero candidates to fight aliens/elder gods & I’m in the next & final wave to go after them in about an hour.  There is some crazy seemingly omnipotent dude granting us all last wished & I ask him to cut off his left ring finger & give it to me.  He refuses the request, but does cut off & give me his right ring finger (he must be a guitarist).  After a few minutes my cell phone rings & it’s my dad & I answer it.  He asks me if I’ve seen the battle feed on TV & I say no & he says the only thing that has any effect is energy weapons & I need to get the hell out of there & I tell him, “When there’s no one else there’s always me.”  I tell the most charismatic leaderific guy amongst us about the energy weapons tip to try to organize some plan & the guy gathers everyone together, but instead of forming a battle plan he tells some story about his childhood.  & then the elder god/aliens are right in front of us & luckily they kill the charismatic dude before we have to hear the end of his story.  There’s a black guy with energy emitting hands that rushes to the frontline while everybody else just runs away & is slaughtered & I rush to join him.  He looks at me & says, “What are you doing alive?”  “I know, right?  I was trying to die first!”  I pull the omnipotent dude’s finger out of my pants pocket with my right hand & clench it tight in a fist & I feel like I’m being struck by lightning & I put my left hand on the black dude’s right shoulder & the energy emission from his hands turns into a full nuclear blast & somehow we’re safe at the eye of the storm.  We’re in the middle of a crater.  Huh?  I guess I am a hero….

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3 Responses to Rivulets European Tour, Anniversary Show, Live Small Life Form Video, Superhero Dream

  1. GoddakkAttack says:

    ” I pull the omnipotent dude’s finger out of my pants ”

    this reminds me did you ever see the Tick episode when he’s giving a class to new superheroes? it also reminds me of that Hefner song with the line that something to the effect of “when people have got nobody else they can always sleep with me” or soemthing like that.

  2. I don’t remember that Tick, was it the cartoon or the live action show?

    That Hefner song is a great one, I’m bad with song titles, but I think it’s on The Fidelity Wars.

  3. GoddakkAttack says:

    the cartoon. i’ve only watched one episode of the live show and decided it wasn’t for me.